As we started to tell you about The Big Idea on our home page, we feel we need to continue with a page dedicated to helping you understand, well, you.

The seven systems of the body all have their separate duties to perform:

  •  In the Circulatory System, the heart beats approximately 103,680 times per day.  Pumping blood through 96,000 miles of vessels.
  • The skin, the largest organ of the body, regulates body temperature at 98.6 degrees regardless of the surrounding conditions.
  • In the Respiratory System, the lungs breathe 34,560 times in a 24 hour period.
  • The Digestive System can turn food into energy and healthy tissue.
  • The Skeletal and Muscular System supports our body and allow us to perform numerous function.
  • The Nerve System is the controlling system which has the most highly developed cells of all.  There are over 25 billion cells in the brain which control all of the other cells by conveying messages to and from each cell by way of the central nerve system  The brain conveys its control by way of the spinal cord which has over 30 trillion nerve fibers.

All of the functions of all systems are controlled by the innate intelligence of the body.  This body even has the ability to reproduce itself.  There is also a built-in system to repair damaged tissue.  If this system is interrupted by a subluxation of a vertebra, then any part of the body will malfunction.  The malfunction will allow a breakdown of the cells, and sickness or dis-ease will develop.  Germs and viruses can only harm sick or damaged tissue.  When the nerve system is working at peak efficiency, all systems function properly.  A perfect functioning nerve system is absolutely necessary to keep a person in perfect health.

Each patient, at our office, is looked upon as a separate and distinct problem.  No two chiropractic patients are alike.  Each one has a combination, like a safe, that will unlock their problem(s).

We believe, and The American Chiropractic Association promotes, chiropractic care of infants and children under the theory that “poor posture and physical injury, including birth trauma, may be common primary causes of illness in children and can have a direct and significant impact not only on spinal mechanics, but on other bodily functions”.